New Kabab House

2928 Danforth Avenue

(416) 698-2928

Bangladeshi Cuisine

Updated five months and eight days ago around 10AM at New Kabab House in Danforth Village Toronto ON between On Danforth between Dawes and Sibley / Danforth Ave and Sibley Ave
New Kabab House

We are famous on the danforth for our savoring chili chicken and mouthwatering butter naans. Come try authentic Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine! Catering available. Party hall available.

Hours of Operation:
New Section
Chicken Chili Kabab -
Our famous Chicken chili kabab served with butter naan and salad.
$5.99Chicken Chili Kabab
Beef Chili Kabab -
Our very special beef chili kabab served with butter naan and salad.
$5.99Beef Chili Kabab
Boti Kabab -
Succulent pieces of tender beef soaked in exotic spices and grilled to perfection.
$5.99Boti Kabab
Chicken Biryani -
Traditional South Asian rice dish garnished with spices and condiments.
$2.99Chicken Biryani
Haleem -
Thick lentil soup with beef and exotic spices.
Sheek Kabab -
Delicious beef kababs served with butter naan and salad.
$5.99Sheek Kabab
Samosas -
crispy vegetable samosas.
Tandoori Chicken -
Succulent, marinated in exotic spices grilled to perfection.
$1.99/eachTandoori Chicken
Chicken Tikka Kabab -
Marinated chicken breasts grilled to perfection, served with butter naan and salad.
$5.99Chicken Tikka Kabab
Jilapi -
traditional sweet pretzel dipped in syrup. Great for dessert!
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