Restaurants near 43.680389,-79.430740
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10.04 km away
Dragon Delight Restaurant
825 St Clair Ave W
20.04 km away
Savera Indian Cuisine
815 St Clair Ave W
30.05 km away
Asada Mexican Grill
809 St. Clair Ave. W.
40.05 km away
La Cocina de Dona Luz
807 St Clair AVE W
50.05 km away
Kome Sushi & Sake House
813 St Clair Ave W
60.08 km away
Ellington's Music & Cafe
805 St Clair Avenue West
70.08 km away
Menalon Bakery
811 St Clair Ave W
80.08 km away
Zizi Pizza
795 St Clair Ave W
90.09 km away
Mi Tierra
828 St. Clair Ave. W
100.10 km away
Fresco's Fish and Chips
816 St Clair ave w
110.10 km away
Stazione Centrale
820 St Clair Ave W
120.12 km away
La Creole
810 St Clair Ave W
130.13 km away
Da Gianni E Maria Trattoria
140.13 km away
The Crest
794 St Clair Ave W
150.13 km away
The Crest Gastro Bar
794 St Clair Ave W
160.17 km away
The Piper's Pub
782 St Clair Ave W
170.17 km away
The Pipers Pub And Grill
782 St Clair Ave W