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Oh my, for $15 you only provide 4 dish options as well as spring rolls/soup, that was very disappointing. Any other Asian buffet offers an easy 10+ items, even the higher quality locations for the same money. And dont excuse it by claiming the quality of the dishes is high, it isnt, not even close. The food is very bland lentil dish has very little taste, the chicken dish uses the cheapest parts of the chicken such as the wings and drum stick . I stirred the tray and thats all there is in there. Thats just cheap offerings for maximum profit. Flavor is mediocre at best. The spring rolls are good but really, how many can you eat for lunch ?

For the amount of money this place charges, they should at least offer better quality meat and more items. The selection of the food is low, the quality is low and the price is high. Its by no means worth the money, the only reason this place is open is due to its proximity to a government building. Will never come here again, there are dozens of better options in Ottawa for the same if not less money.

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    Thank goodness that this is not what we hear from our many regular lunch buffet customers! They tell me regularly and repeatedly that the buffet dishes are full flavoured and delicious, and they are very happy with the variety that we provide. They are also happy to pay $15 for their lunch. The beef and lentil curry is very popular. Please go to the large, multi-item buffets that you prefer.

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