★★★★★ Excellent 5 out of 5 thirty nine months and six days ago around 11AM by Nicolinos

Friend recommended this place for a great meal and a good price. I was amazed at the offerings. All meals are priced around $10 and the food is amazing quality and value. Real food made in house with nice portion sizes. I was surprised because so many people don't know about this place as it is relatively new in West Vancouver. I had the Hungarian Feast Pizza and my friend had the chicken souvlaki. Wow...this is real pizza, not just thrown on toppings. They cook the pizza toppings, double bake the crust and then top it with what other pizzerias call triple cheese. The best part, they don't charge anything extra for the heavy duty toppings-you need a fork and knife for this huge meal. The chicken souvlaki had fresh cut greek salad...what a change in taste from the premade stuff. Nicely roasted chicken, tender and fresh. I asked the lady and she said the meat is prepared daily. You can really taste the difference. Will definitely be back. BTW...beer is about $3.50 and wine is $5. Will be back!
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    Inn Cogneato Bistro Bakery (604) 988-0201
    1403 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC as of FoodPages.ca