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Poor... My family and I went into me sub at ten to eight on a Friday evening to enjoy dinner... The store is open until nine... Once paying for our subs.. The gentlemen asked us if we wanted a bag we said no we were going to eat in.. They then told us we were not allowed because they were closing the dining area to clean mop etc. Because they close in a hour... My family had already taken there coats off and were already sitting waiting at a table... Now any business you do not tell a customer they can't sit and eat that's just pathetic.. And if you seen the place you would know and see it would take no more then twenty minutes to mop and clean up for close... Saying there was two employees working... Very sad and disrespectful... If you want business dont kick customers out before closing... I will no longer go to this me sub I will travel down to Lansdowne street... I ate at this location for years ... But not any longer... I was so frustrated and ticked off,.. Like really how long would we have been there.. Maybe twenty minutes tops.. And to make matters worse they already had the front portion blocked off and cleaned.. Anyways if you want to sit in and eat .. I wouldn't recommend going to this store,, because it takes them an hour to mop the floors etc., so your not welcome to sit and enjoy your dinner.,, but they will gladly take your money and then tell you you have to leave.. Crap way to run a business.


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