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hi there, my reason for this e-mail is not a pleasure.. I really enjoy ging to your restaurant, however when i went to your restaurant last night(july 20/21) at around 200am, it wasn't enjoyable, there 3 workers, 2 male 1 female, our "bad experience" was caused by the taller male with dark and and the female. The first was while ordering, the male was completely rushy, with a cold "get your food and get out" demeanor, a friend and i decided to share an order of nachos, i mentiond to her that i wanted green pepper, she didn't, but before she could say she didn't(which was like 1 second) the guy had already thrown them in, she said she didn't want them and his response was "well they're in there now!!" when we didn't even say for sure we wanted them, but had to accept it. Second, i also ordered a pizza, and i like a little of everything. After having the pizza cooked and waiting for it to be cut, the girl looked at my order, then me and said " Wow, you must have a Big appetite!!" This was a very rude, insulting, and upsetting comment. I am far from being underweight, and to have a comment about the size of my order made to me from the person behind the counter, was a bit of a shock and it did upset me. So i feel like i should let you know, what kind of attitude was used by the "service" staff we experienced. Thanks, Tammy
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