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★ Poor 1 out of 5 forty five months and nineteen days ago around 5PM by Pubs

Very disappointed in the service. We prepaid for sticky buns before going into the park for a hike. ( they were making more and ready in an hour ). The lady took my name and said they closed at 3 pm... We returned at 2 pm to find all the doors closed. I went to the back door and they same lady asked what I wanted and when I told her I prepaid for my buns and was picking them up.... She had no clue who I was and said she said she gave my buns away and they had no more... I said .seriously ? I come here once every 3 years and look forward to this treat.. She was rude and not apologetic at all. I did get my money back but won't return here ...poor customer service....
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    KELLY'S BAKE SHOP (506) 887-2460
    8587 MAIN STREET, Alma NB as of